Organic Vegetables fresh from our home to your plate

Kingseat Organics is a family farm based in Kingseat, Auckland, dedicated to producing fresh organic vegetables & fruits.


Our story

Kingseat Organics is a family farm and we started this farm during Covid-19 lockdown. We are dedicated to Organic growing and we are enrolled in Biogro Certification programme. We only use certified organic inputs and we make our own compost from our own farm animals. Our animals are also raised organically to ensure that no harmful chemicals enter the food chain. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable society. If you would like to hear more about our story, here is a recent article in Stuff news about our philosophy and journey so far.

Organic Certification with Biogro

We are enrolled in the Biogro Certification (International standards) for Organics and follow all the required standards for achieving the certification. Our enrollment number is 6163 with Biogro and we have an in-conversion certificate from Biogro. We use inputs made from within the farm using regenerative agricultural practices and if we have to use any external inputs we make sure that they are also Biogro certified. We make our own compost and mulch from the trees on the farm. We use manure from our own animals who are also raised organically on the farm.

Sustainable and regenerative farming

We aim to be a sustainable and regenerative farm where farm animals are our life long pets and produce organic manure for our delicious vegetables.


We raise our plants from seeds and we only select varieties which are hardy and can survive well in our New Zealand growing conditions.

100% Organic

 We believe in the old fashioned way organic and are opposed to using any chemicals, synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides at all. We follow a mixture of modern and traditional practices including crop rotation, companion planting, composting and some principles of bio-dynamics. All the animals living on the farm are also organic to ensure that no hormones or chemicals leach into the food chain.

Locally produced

All of our produce comes from our farm.  You can be certain that you are eating food which is produced locally by us in our own farm.




You can feel proud that you are eating food that is produced using sustainable and regenerative farming practices.

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