Biogro Certification


We are enrolled in Biogro certification programme and our current status is “In-Conversion” to Organic as per International Biogro standards.


BioGro # 6163

 In-Conversion to Organic status

Kingseat Organics farm land used to be a grazing land before we purchased it in Oct 2019. The previous owner of the land Bill didn’t grow any vegetables or crops and raised horses, cattle and other livestock for over 20 years. This means that no pesticides associated with conventional vegetable or horticulture production have been used on this land for at-least 20 years. We are thankful to Bill for managing the land so well and maintaining its fertility.

Since Oct 2019, our land has been managed by us without any chemicals using organic principles and guidelines. We follow the Biogro international standards and will become fully certified by Biogro in Oct 2022.