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Organic Loki, very popular in Indian and Asian cuisine.

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Organic Loki (also known as Ghia Kaddu) is very popular in Indian and Asian cuisine. Loki is known as a health superfood and can be used in a variety of recipes. You can cook it to make a curry, mix it with yellow split gram (hulled black chickpea) for ghia dal. Stuff it into pranthas for Ghia Prantha, shred it and mix it in yogurt along with black pepper and salt for making Raita, make Loki juice in a juicer, or use it in smoothies and so much more.

Organic Certification with Biogro

We are enrolled in the Biogro Certification (International standards) for Organics and follow all the required standards for achieving the certification. Our enrollment number is 6163 with Biogro and we have an in-conversion certificate from Biogro. We use inputs made from within the farm using regenerative agricultural practices and if we have to use any external inputs we make sure that they are also Biogro certified. We make our own compost and mulch from the trees on the farm. We use manure from our own animals who are also raised organically on the farm.